Pattern Design Team

Darlene Martin


Darlene Martin is senior pattern maker at APaDS with 32 years’ experience and uses Gerber AccuMark.  She worked for Gerber Childrenswear, Clemson Apparel Research, and Sample Specialist before helping to form APaDS. Her work includes women’s and men’s apparel, children’s wear, commercial work for apparel and non-apparel items, military, and novelty items. She is equally trained in grading and marker making. Throughout her years in the apparel industry she has worked closely with cutting room managers, directors of manufacturing, and quality control personnel. She also travels to production facilities to work with clients and production managers in order to work out specific problems with an item before the item enters the production line.

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Abigail Butler


Abigail began sewing as a child when her mother taught her to make doll clothes at the age of 10. As she continued sewing an interest in patternmaking grew which led her to study Fashion Design at Bob Jones University. Abigail joined us here at APaDS as an intern in January 2020 and upon graduation she began working here full-time as a Apprentice Pattern Maker.


Providing clients with the tools and in-house expertise to develop and produce their products.