COVID-19 Production Capacity Survey 

March 18th, 2020 - The e-mail below just came across this morning. So if you have not already hooked up with the government on producing products (sheets, pillowcases, gloves, hats, scrubs, privacy curtains, tents, etc.) for the coronavirus response needs, it may benefit you to fill this survey out immediateThey are desperately looking for producers of these type of products ASAP. We have seen several emails that the government will look at small orders as well. A lot of this is non-woven products, but I think they are looking at all solutions to the needs they anticipate. The survey link is at the bottom of this email and it doesn’t hurt to get on the list, as there may be something that is a fit for you that will provide some temporary business.

 Gerber Joins Fight Against COVID-19 


 Recent Projects 

APaDS had the pleasure of making the pattern for Fenwick Equestrian LLC while Pen Prints made the item.  All three companies are in based in South Carolina!


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"Hey Darlene, thought I would pass on some comments from a new assembler I'm working with at Wells Hosiery. After working with your patterns, she said you were one of the best she has seen and that your work is beautiful. Thought that was pretty cool."